Rounded Rhythm’s mission is to enable everyone the opportunity to dance no matter what their background is, building respect and embracing and celebrating diversity.

We are currently working in partnership with Team Domenica to deliver weekly dance sessions to attendees of Team Domenica’s personalised employment programmes, structured to help prepare candidates for the workplace and develop their capacity to lead happy, fulfilled lives.

Aged between 19 and 25, the dance sessions allow young adults with learning difficulties to develop skills in confidence, co-operation, communication and teamwork, whilst exploring their creativity and increasing their physical and emotional health. These creative dance sessions support Team Domenica’s mission to help young adults with learning disabilities find and retain meaningful employment, giving them a sense of direction, purpose and belonging, in their local community.

This class is only open to young people from Team Domenica. To find out more about their work please visit their website:

“This class has definitely helped the group to build dance skills and has given more confidence to stand up in front of others…The teamwork exercises work really well and help them to continue to learn to work together…The class has helped them to come up with their own creative ideas and put those into dance moves a lot of the time on their own.” (Teaching assistant, Team Domenica project for young adults with learning disabilities)