We collect personal data for you and your child:

  • When your child attends a taster session at one of our classes. 
  • When your child or an adult attends a workshop or class.
  • When you purchase tickets to one of our shows.
  • When you contact us with enquires.

What personal data do we collect?

  • We ask for your name, your child/participant’s name and your emergency contact details.
  • We ask for their age so we can put them in the right class.
  • We ask for your email so we can send you any important information.
  • We ask for any medical conditions for safe keeping when participating in our classes.

What information do we collect for productions and events?

Emergency contact numbers, email and medical conditions of the participants. 

Why do we collect personal data?

  • So that in an emergency when your child/participant is in our care, we are able to contact you.
  • As part of our Safeguarding Policy.
  • To keep you updated with upcoming workshops and events.
  • To send out important information regarding fees and term dates.
  • We use a third party provider MailChimp, to deliver our newsletter please click on their Privacy Policy to agree to their terms.

What information do we share to third parties?

  • We don’t sell, trade or share any personally identifiable information with third parties unless required by law if our students are under the age of 16 or are vulnerable adults. 
  • This excludes trusted third party employees who are under contract to follow the new GDPR rules.

How do we protect your information?

  • Your data is stored on the director’s computer which has password protection.
  • Your consent forms which contain your participants name and your signature are locked in a filing cabinet.
  • Once your participant has left the classes we destroy your contact details, apart from an email address you provided.
  • Hard copies are shredded.

Access to your personal information

You are entitled to view, amend or delete personal information that we hold. Email details to